Friday, September 28, 2012

Piles & Piles of Logs

Logs can cozy up an space, even the most modern and minimalistic. I love it especially when a fireplace is specifically designed with a log nook or two. I SO want to do this with an outdoor fireplace - maybe next summer when we put in our yard (or we may just settle for a hole in the ground!)

But here are the piles of logs I'm talking about. I have a large basket I want filled with some birch. We won't burn it (because our fireplace is gas), but it's ultra chic to have a stack of wood lying around, don't you think?

Fill an unused fireplace with a stack of wood.

Or try replacing the unsightly TV above the fireplace with a collection of logs. Your husband won't mind at all! *wink*

Happy Friday and bring on the weekend!


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Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Mudroom Gets a Rug

After 4 weeks of dealing with a constantly dirty mudroom floor, I now have a rug. No, that doesn't solve the dirt issue, but it hides it and that's good enough for me! As much as I like our black and white flooring, it does show EVERY speck of dirt and dust. I was sweeping it almost daily. We went with a persian runner that covers as much floor as possible so the four of us can pile in and have room to move. The runner spans the entire length of the room so we can come in and walk right down to the closet where the coats and shoes go. Bliss!


The fact that the runner was only $55 sweetens the deal even more. I'm one happy momma!


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Today We have a Birthday

Well, HE has a birthday. My husband joins me at 29 today, so Happy Birthday to him! He is celebrating by rubbing shoulders with a whole slew of sick people. (Now doesn't that sound like fun?! He somehow thinks so.)

James is an exceptional sort of person. He's very talented, smart, funny and totally likable. He's the kind of person you might be tempted to be jealous of but then you can't be because he's just so nice!

This is us a few years ago.

James is also MU-SI-CAL. He plays (and collects) a variety of instruments and get this... he wrote me two songs while we were dating. That means he also played and sang them to me. There aren't too many guys out there who will do that sort of thing. I've wanted to write him a song ever since, but I couldn't come up with anything. Finally something a little on the lighter side materialized. The idea for it came from a conversation I had with a group of ladies at the mom's group I was part of at the time. All of the ladies were complaining about how it was hunting season and their husbands would be away and they would essentially be single-momming it. And then it would be play offs and their husbands would be completely useless, glued to the t.v. every evening and weekend. I piped up and said that my husband didn't hunt and wasn't really into sports either. They were in disbelief of course and one of them said, "Man, you hit the jackpot!" We all laughed but that thought stuck with me. He is pretty fabulous.

So, here are the words to my song for him, my Mr. Jackpot. (I was going to do a video but I chickened out.)

I hit the jackpot when I found you.
I hit the jackpot. Yes, it’s true.
I got the big one when I said I do.
I hit the jackpot when I found you.
It’s huntin’ season but you stay home.
You’re stickin’ close so I’m not alone.
While many others have gone out to play.
You say you’re happy just to stay.
And now it’s playoffs; you know what that means.
All the guys are cheering for their favourite team.
But you won’t even give it half a look.
You’ve got your nose stuck in a book.

I hit the jackpot when I found you.
I hit the jackpot. Yes, it’s true.
I got the big one when I said I do.
I hit the jackpot when I found you.

(Insert awesome and jazzy keyboard solo.)
I love my jackpot. I love him so.
He aint like anybody else I know.
I think he’s handsome and I think he’s fine.
Yeah, I’m so happy that he’s mine.
I hit the jackpot when I found you.
I hit the jackpot. Yes, it’s true.
I got the big one when I said I do.
I hit the jackpot when I found you.
Hope you don't mind the rather personal post. Happy Birthday, James!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Entrance Extravaganza

Happy Monday to you, dear friends. I hope you had a good weekend. The weather was simply gorgeous in these here parts so we tried to get outdoors to enjoy it. There won't be many more warm, sunny days - soon the snow will be flying. *Sniff*

I ended up ordering a replacement rug for our front entrance over the weekend. We went with the Bursa rug from West Elm. Fingers crossed that this one works better.

I've been dreaming about what our front entrance might look like eventually. I have something like this in mind. So far we have the white sideboard (an old thing from IKEA), the ottoman (my DIY project), a round table that is not yet skirted, the chandelier, and the blue beauty of a rug is on its way. Everything else exists in my head. It's shaping up to be one particularly pretty space, don't you think?

All the glamour makes my heart go pitter patter and the blue and pink colour scheme is SO good too (at least in my mind). She's going to be gorgeous... in time.

Here's where all this good stuff comes from:

Art by Robert Clarke
Vase at IKEA
Jolene Chandelier at Robinson Lighting
Venetian Mirror at Venetian Gems
White IKEA sideboard (no longer available)
Bursa Rug at West Elm
Painterly Fabric from Designers Guild
Humphrey Ottoman by Shine by SHO (My version was a DIY project)

Have a good start to your week! Thanks for stopping by.


Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Perils of Online Shopping

Online Shopping. Sometime you make a good choice and sometimes you don't. Our new West Elm rugs arrived and one worked perfectly, the other not so much. It got sent back.

The Mira rug was exactly what I was expecting. The colour works well and I like the overall look and texture of it. It's a heavy rug in grey and black tones. Worn looking in places but still elegant and pretty.

The Kite Kilim was a little too rustic or casual for our home. It was rather blanket-ish if you know what I mean. I didn't mind the colour and pattern, but the look and texture just weren't working for me. Too bad.

So, we're back to square one. The sale continues until Monday at West Elm, so we're considering ordering a replacement from there. These are two we like.

The blue shades are lovely and they would add a nice pop of colour to our entrance. We shall see.

And here's a quick peek at some wallpaper we've been considering for the powder room. All through Braid Flooring in Saskatoon, SK.

They also carry this fabulous ikat paper, but its mucho money so we'll have to pass it up. It's really pretty though.

We hope to hang some of our blinds tonight. I mean, yes, we're interested in getting to know our neighbours, but maybe not THAT well.

Catch you later!


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sconce Hunt

So, we've only just moved in and I'm already switching out the sconces in our living room. It's really too bad because I like them, but they came with this weird band around the edges of the shades. It looked like masking tape had been stuck to the edges. None of us (me, the builder, the electrician) could figure out why the "tape" was there and we all agreed that it should come off. It turns out that we were all wrong and the shade basically fell apart when we took the tape off; it looked so bad with it on though. Anyway, we were able to return the sconces and were given a credit to choose something else. (The masking tape sconces had been discontinued because of production/quality issues. Go figure.)

Old Sconce (Notice the masking tape?)

Here are some replacement options I'm considering. (All from Robinson Lighting.)

I'm actually leaning towards this last one. It's a very similar size to the old sconce and it has a unique golden silver finish - the best of both worlds! Numbers 4 and 5 are favourites too.

I have to find out the price on a few of these and that will probably rule some of them out. Hopefully we can reach a decision soon. Feel free to cast your vote. Do you have a favourite?


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I'm Back!

Our internet and phone finally got connected yesterday so I can get back to the blog. Yay! I've certainly missed it, although it's been nice to get some other things done.

The move went well. Hard to believe that was over 3 weeks ago now. We're getting settled in the new place. Here are a few things we've been up to.

The day after we moved, I ran a 1/2 marathon. I was rather tired so my time was slow, but I did it! Post race and still smiling.


We painted the mudroom green, VERY green. (Kelly Green by Benjamin Moore) I'm kind of loving it especially with the ultra sparkly chandy. The paint is quite glossy too and the green colour is bright but elegant.


And we picked out this persian runner for that room. Found it on ebay for $55 so I'm happy about that.


We also ordered rugs for the front entrance and living room. They're both coming from West Elm. As a side note, if you want to order from them you simply call the number provided on the website which will connect you to the Toronto store (if you live in Canada). If they have it in stock, you can buy it. Shipping was only $75 for two large rugs being sent from Toronto to SK. I was pretty impressed with that.


Living Room

We tried out these bar stools but decided they were too big/high.

I think we'll go with the original plan - the vapour stools from CB2. They're super cool. We hope to get three of them at some point in the next little while. Two for the back side of the island and one just around the corner on the left. I designed the island with these stools in mind so I should probably stick with them. I think they'll look great and fit perfectly.


I'm itching to do more with the house, but I have to pace myself. There are bills to pay - you know how that goes. Perhaps I'll show you what I'm dreaming of in the meantime; that won't cost a cent! I've just started a new board on pinterest called "Our New Home". Go here to find me.

I missed you, my friends! Happy to be back.


Monday, September 3, 2012

Checking In

In case you were wondering, I do live and breathe, but I'm without an internet connection. We're waiting to have that hooked up but it may take another week or two. Looking forward to getting back to the blog. For now, I may as well focus on getting settled at our new place (which we are loving by the way). Can't wait to share it with you! 

Doing posts from my iPhone just isn't all that great. Thanks for your patience, friends.
Until next time - whenever that may be!