Monday, September 24, 2012

Entrance Extravaganza

Happy Monday to you, dear friends. I hope you had a good weekend. The weather was simply gorgeous in these here parts so we tried to get outdoors to enjoy it. There won't be many more warm, sunny days - soon the snow will be flying. *Sniff*

I ended up ordering a replacement rug for our front entrance over the weekend. We went with the Bursa rug from West Elm. Fingers crossed that this one works better.

I've been dreaming about what our front entrance might look like eventually. I have something like this in mind. So far we have the white sideboard (an old thing from IKEA), the ottoman (my DIY project), a round table that is not yet skirted, the chandelier, and the blue beauty of a rug is on its way. Everything else exists in my head. It's shaping up to be one particularly pretty space, don't you think?

All the glamour makes my heart go pitter patter and the blue and pink colour scheme is SO good too (at least in my mind). She's going to be gorgeous... in time.

Here's where all this good stuff comes from:

Art by Robert Clarke
Vase at IKEA
Jolene Chandelier at Robinson Lighting
Venetian Mirror at Venetian Gems
White IKEA sideboard (no longer available)
Bursa Rug at West Elm
Painterly Fabric from Designers Guild
Humphrey Ottoman by Shine by SHO (My version was a DIY project)

Have a good start to your week! Thanks for stopping by.



  1. I have no doubt that whatever you do is going to be gorgeous! I love the interplay between dark blue and pink, and can't wait to see yours come alive :-)

    Sure will miss you at idsWEST... I'm feeling slightly less nervous this year, because I feel like I know everyone just a little bit better, and wish you could be there :-(

  2. It looks great I love the dark blue rug...if this one doesn't work out, I recommend trying Restoration Hardware. My dining room rug is from them and it makes the room!!! My daughter in law has had several disappointments with West Elm


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