Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sconce Hunt

So, we've only just moved in and I'm already switching out the sconces in our living room. It's really too bad because I like them, but they came with this weird band around the edges of the shades. It looked like masking tape had been stuck to the edges. None of us (me, the builder, the electrician) could figure out why the "tape" was there and we all agreed that it should come off. It turns out that we were all wrong and the shade basically fell apart when we took the tape off; it looked so bad with it on though. Anyway, we were able to return the sconces and were given a credit to choose something else. (The masking tape sconces had been discontinued because of production/quality issues. Go figure.)

Old Sconce (Notice the masking tape?)

Here are some replacement options I'm considering. (All from Robinson Lighting.)

I'm actually leaning towards this last one. It's a very similar size to the old sconce and it has a unique golden silver finish - the best of both worlds! Numbers 4 and 5 are favourites too.

I have to find out the price on a few of these and that will probably rule some of them out. Hopefully we can reach a decision soon. Feel free to cast your vote. Do you have a favourite?



  1. I totally agree with all 3 of your favourites! Any of them would look great!

  2. I can see your point... and I wonder, if you had of kept the tape on and lived with them, how long before the tape started to deteriorate anyway? I love your last pick, and also am totally smitten with #5 & 6. You have such great taste!

  3. 4,5,7,10,11. Really...they're all gorgeous.

  4. Oh...I am in love with the second one...the double. After that I favor 8 & 9...but whatever you choose will be wonderful. One thing I like about the last one is that it has a permanence about it. I am guessing the glass can be removed and cleaned for an always brand new appearance. No matter how you keep up with paper or fabric shades they can look dowdy after awhile. Both materials absorb moisture and can easily lose their new luster.
    Best to you!

  5. I love #7 or #8.....and I love Robinson Lighting. I got their brochure the other day - drooling over all the choices!


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