Thursday, October 18, 2012

Art for a Thursday

Here's a little collection of fantastic art I've stumbled across lately.

First up are paintings by Yolanda Sanchez. She uses mainly oils on paper and canvas. Her work is abstract and very colourful. I'm in love.

Next is the work of Yangyang Pan, a young artist based out of Toronto, Canada. She also uses oils and some mixed media. There's plenty of beautiful colour to enjoy in her work as well.

And I'm loving the charming simplicity of these illustrations by Elizabeth Mayville. Her Top Knot series is adorable. I think I need to hang one of these in my closet to inspire me to style my hair every morning.

So there's a little artsy goodness for you. Please visit each of these artists' portfolios to see more of their exceptional work.

Catch you later!


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