Friday, October 26, 2012

Curtain Call & Chandelier Hunt

I finally got a start on Luke's curtains last night. They are cut and the top hem is ironed and pinned in place. I probably won't get to stitching things until this evening, but I've got a start and I can feel the momentum. Ha! Hopefully I can get them done tonight and the shower curtains started as well. I practised putting in one of the grommets on some scrap fabric last night. SO easy. Why haven't I used them before?!

I'm also bidding on some designers guild fabric on ebay right now.

It would be for Avery's room. I'm thinking of doing a cornice along the top of the window in a style/shape similar to this. 

The designers guild fabric would cover the cornice, and I'd hang white curtain panels edged with cutesy pom pom trim. A few bloggers have done this kind of window treatment lately, and I think it's fabulous. Something like this.

Bijou & Boheme

Bailey McCarthy

And with the floral, scalloped cornice (use your imagination, folks). I think it could be pretty awesome!

I'm also hoping to have a look at some chandeliers this weekend (found them on kijiji). They have a retro 80s vibe to them. They could be ugly, but they could also be totally rad. It depends on what they look like in person and of course what kind of space they're used in. I'm pretty sure I could make them cool. Here's a look (there are two flush mounts like the one below and one hanging chandy) for cheap.

I'm hoping for a productive weekend. What are your plans?


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