Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fireplace Tile

I'm happy to report that our fireplace finally got tiled yesterday. The tile had been back ordered so we waited for it to arrive and then waited for it to be installed. (You know how that goes.) We had chosen a marble tile in a kind of zig zag pattern. I think it's quite pretty and it looks SO much better now that it's done.




As you can see, the black metal around the fireplace needs to be touched up. There were paint splatters on it and when we tried to clean them off, some of the finish came off. So, our builder is going to use some metal paint on the surface and then it will be finished. Oh, and the replacement sconces have to arrive and be installed. (I guess we still have a little ways to go.)

Little by little things are getting done.


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  1. Things are coming together so nicely Sarah! I really like your fireplace tile - never would have thought of the zigzig pattern, and wow, how it works!


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