Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fur & Palm Leaves

Our piano bench got a fresh new look with this small fur throw I came home with the other day.

The bench, along with the piano, have been around for quite some time. The finish on the bench was wearing out and kind of flaking off. Your bottom would stick to it and you'd have to peel your pants or skirt away if you wanted to stand up (which is rather gross and totally embarrassing). It's also a little wobbly so I wouldn't mind replacing it down the road. Something like this would look rad (at Black Rooster Decor).

Or this would do too (at LIVE LIKE YOU).

But these replacements would also cost way more than the little throw did. At $38 it was a quick fix that breaks up all the brown, hides the dull, worn out finish, and it's exquisitely soft to sit on! (And no sticking pants.)

I'm also exciting to add this palm leaf pillow from Black Rooster Decor to our mudroom. It will set on an heirloom Windsor chair in the one corner.

Things are slowly coming together. Yay for progress!


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  1. Your progress is so nice to watch unfold. You're doing a fabulous job at a time when total overload could so easily be kicking in. Bravo!


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