Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Homesense was Good to Us

We had a few good finds at Homesense over the weekend (hee hee). The best find was this rad sideboard. It's the perfect size, almost like it was made for our sofa. It's covered in something that looks like grasscloth in a brown-ish/grey colour. The brass hardware is lovely; I especially like the recessed pulls and the legs.

Right now there's a lot of brown going on, but the goal is to have the sofa reupholstered in navy velvet (fingers crossed) soon so then it will be perfect. We had wanted a sideboard with sliding doors so we can put our docking system in there (that's how we listen to music). We can slide the doors open and pump the tunes. If the doors swung open they would get in the way. At first, I had picked the TORSBY sideboard from IKEA, but they just discontinued it. I had been disappointed but not anymore! In hind sight, the white might have been too much of a contrast with the navy and we already have A LOT of white going on.


We also found a great rug for the front entrance at a very affordable price. Come to think of it, this may have been the best find, because thus ends the ridiculous saga of sending rugs back and forth with West Elm. (That blue one didn't work out either.)

The blue BURSA rug was just too worn looking. It looked way too old and dirty for something new (and rather pricey). There was too much white coming through and the blue shades weren't as rich/deep as I was hoping.

Returned this one

And we picked up this side table which is counter height and sits elegantly beside our piano right now.

I also fell in love with these lamps but my husband wasn't too fond of them. We did bring them home to try them but they were quite large and the colour didn't work all that well either.

So that's a little update on a few new things for the house. Catch you later!



  1. I LOVE that sideboard! Great finds! Hmm... makes me want to take a trip to Home Sense, but I don't think anything else can fit in our little house. Sigh... hopefully next year we can move. :)

  2. I saw that sideboard there... LOVE it!!! I also had the side table scoped out!

  3. wowza that sideboard is incredible! I take it that wasn't a bargoon though...I saw a side version of that and it was expensive (for Homesense...totally reasonable in the real world). It looks incredible though...love it when you hit the jackpot at HOmesense!

  4. The sideboard is fabulous! I also love the rug for your front hall. I haven't been to homesense in awhile, but I think I'm going to have to make a trip:)

  5. Homesense WAS good to you! That sideboard is so stylish (and funct)and the rug is perfect. (I was there yesterday and absolutely zilch spoke to me). Good for you!

  6. I'm so glad you bought that little side table. I saw it the other day and wished I had a home for it, but now I'll just come visit it in your home! And that sideboard really is amazing.

  7. You did well! Your sideboard is lovely - I think it's perfect, and trumps the IKEA one :-) And your little table is another great piece. With the rugs sorted out, do you feel like you can exhale?

  8. Your sideboard is so cool! Love the color. BUT what I want to compliment is how gorgeous your wood floors are...such a rich color...love them. Meredith


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