Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Let it Mauve You

Mauve. It's a lovely colour. I like how it pulls both pink and purple and maybe even a little grey. Because it's a soft, washed-out kind of colour, I think it needs strong or bold elements mixed in with it. Here are some looks I could go for.


It seems to evoke glamour which is ok with me. Do you like?


Image Sources: images 1 and 3 via Vogue; 2 Apartment Therapy; 4 Decorpad; 5 and 6 via pinterest


  1. Yes I like. An unlikely color pick for me but some of those rooms made me think twice. There are so many shades and it can look surprisingly neutral...yet not beige boring (sorry beige, I do love you). Great post.

  2. I do like a very subtle mauve - I just said to my husband the other day that mauve is the new neutral. We haven't made the leap yet, though ;-)


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