Friday, October 5, 2012

Must Sew & Glorious News

Some goodies arrived in the mail earlier this week, and now I have some sewing to do! The fabric came for Luke's curtains and for the shower curtain in the kid's bath. I had originally picked this spa dot, citron for the bathroom, but they only had 1 yard left. Boo. It would have been perfect.

So, I had to choose something else. Undecided, I went to the kids for the vote and they picked Zoo Pals by Dwell Studio (through Tonic Living). I think it will be super cute. I'm going to do two panels that will open to both sides of the tub and grommets along the top. We got a double shower curtain rod so the liner can go on the second rod and we can have the panels on the outer rod. Make sense? Hopefully I can get the sewing done this weekend and then I can just show you!

And the fabric for Luke's room. Ikat Trellis, Mineral by Dwell Studio (also through Tonic Living). I might use grommets for his curtains or I'll stick to the pinch pleat (using pleating tape) like I've done in the past. It will probably depend on how well I do with the grommets for the shower curtain. I've never used them before. Any tips for me?

And the glorious news is that our old house sold! The buyer actually moved in today. It all happened really quickly otherwise I would have told you sooner. We actually just signed the papers on Wednesday so it was a very quick possession which was perfect for us. It's a relief to have that taken care of. Makes for an extra happy weekend. And it's not just any weekend, is it? It's Thanksgiving weekend (for us Canadians anyway), so Happy Thanksgiving! We're looking forward to lots of family time and of course a pile of food.


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  1. Happy Thanksgiving! I love that Dwell print. I have a towel for my son in the same print and it is adorable!

  2. fabulous fabric choices..... looking forward to seeing the finished work.
    Happy Thanksgiving. Our family is grown and spread out in Ontario. This year I am at our sons in Ottawa. What a beautiful and wonderful city.... and of course great to spend time with my son.

  3. Congratulations on your sale, Sarah! That truly is a great way to start this weekend off right. Looking forward to seeing your sewing projects :-) Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family...

  4. Great fabrics!! I actually just ordered a sample of the citron dot fabric from Tonic Living...thinking of making a few pillows from it! And grommets are super easy....I've made curtains with them a few times now. I used the kind that snap together and the loom really good. Have a great Thanksgiving!!


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