Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Stylin' Baskets

Large floor baskets are great for filling up the space under a table, adding a little rustic charm, and they double as storage.

The more traditional ways to fill them are with logs, blankets, books and magazines.

But consider unconventional options as well. Perhaps a beach bag that is kept packed and ready to go when you head out the door for the sand and sea.

Or maybe display some pairs of shoes or a small tree.

If you're short on space in your kitchen, keep a basket beside the counter for stashing chopping boards and cookie sheets.

Simply charming, don't you think?


Image Sources: Better Homes & Gardens (2 images); This is Glamorous; Lauren Liess; via Pinterest; Massucco Warner Miller; via Pinterest (2 images)

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  1. Love all of the white in these shots!!! Something about white surroundings always makes me feel luxurious! I love the basket of shoes, handbag under the console and especially the cutting boards in the kitchen!


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