Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Styling a Round Table

Hi all! Sorry I missed another Monday. Mondays are turning out to be my "run errands 'til you drop" day since my husband usually has the afternoons off. Anyway, I've been giving some thought to how I want to style the little round table in our front entrance. It sits in the nook of our L-shaped stairs. I'm also undecided on how I want to skirt the table. Right now it has a white, brocade kind of cloth on it, but I wouldn't mind doing a print with some colour down the road. Here's what it looks like right now. (I haven't taken much care in styling it.)

I want to pretty it up so I'm busy gathering some inspiration. 

We also have this white sideboard in the entrance - another surface to style. It's fun to have so many vignettes to play around with, but I really want to make sure the sideboard and table work together and complement one another.

I want to hang a ginormous venetian mirror above the sideboard and set some over sized blooms on it. Something like this.

Perhaps if I keep the sideboard simple with a few big impact objects then the table can be a little more busy with candles, vases, stacks of books etc. I think I'll have to experiment.

Ok. And here's a little glimpse into our small town life (did I mention we live in a small town?). Look what was hanging out in my yard today. I took this picture while standing on my front step.

So, we're having pork roast for supper if you want to stop by (joking). The farmer actually came to round them up with the help of the local police this afternoon. Never a dull moment!


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  1. Pigs? We have deer, but no-one comes to round them up, and I sure wish they would! ;-) Love the Venetian mirror idea, but whatever you decide to do will look great - and... what time is dinner?

  2. That is awesome! Hopefully the farmer can share the bacon!


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