Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Christmas Time's a Comin'

And I know I've got to start... thinking and planning and getting stuff done! We've actually decided to keep things simple this year and try to focus on others a little more. Soon the kids and I will hang the advent stockings we've used for the past couple years and we'll start counting down the days until December 25th! With the focus on others, I've decided to stuff the mini stockings with ideas for showing kindness and spreading Christmas cheer with friends, neighbours and strangers. It should be fun. Here's a list of "100 Ways to Light up Your Community with Kindness" that will get us started and should keep us going for a while!

I also hope to pull out the tree and Christmas decorations over the next few days. I promised my husband I wouldn't buy any more ornaments this year, and I'm keeping my word. (Aren't you proud of me?) We have purple, silver, gold and green ornaments to work with. I'm thinking I might do silver and gold with a little bit of green, but we shall see. Here's some inspiration to get my wheels spinning.

I love the natural simplicity and the understated elegance. Have you started decorating for the holidays? I'm sure some of you are WAY ahead of me!


List of 100 Acts of Kindness via

Image Sources: #4 via Traditional Home; #7 via Style at Home; #8 via Martha Stewart; via Pinterest

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