Thursday, November 22, 2012

I Got Mail. The Best Kind of Mail.

Yes, the best kind of mail is package kind of mail. The kind you have to tear open and unwrap like a present. My designers guild fabrics arrived and I'm in love. They're gorgeous and look even better in person.


Silk Capucheen

The orangerie is going to be a cornice or pelmet box in my daughter's room and the silk capucheen will hopefully become an extra long lumbar pillow across our bed. I can't wait to put them into action although I'm a little nervous to handle such beautiful fabrics. The silk capucheen is (you guessed it) silk which frays quite easily. I may have to hire someone to sew that pillow for me. We'll see. It's ridiculous how excited I get with gorgeous textiles in the hands! Although I imagine some of you can relate?!

Here's a little lumbar pillow goodness to round things out.

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Image Sources: Lauren Liess; Architectural Digest; Kristin Peake Interiors; Erin McLaughlin of Style at Home; Southern Living


  1. Gorgeous! Can't wait to see it on your bed! You daughter is a lucky girl to have that flowery goodness in her room!

  2. Yes packages are the BEST...even if you have to order something to get them! I love your fabric. Fabric makes me so happy!!!
    I L-O-V-E the aqua sofa in the bottom photo! I am having a sofa recovered in January and already spent a fortune on a textural I am thinking Oh why didn't I do something like this? Hopefully I'll still love the fabric I am getting when it's done...And I do have matching chairs in that room that are a bit dowdy...perhaps my sofa will look nice with 2 newly upholstered aqua velvet chairs! If I do I'll have to send you back a picture!
    I also love the middle bedroom shot with the yellowish bed. Have been thinking of a total re-do of our bedroom!
    Can't wait for more pictures of your projects and your house!
    Happy weekend Sarah.

    1. Oh, Meredith. Your home sounds gorgeous! I would love to see pictures. I hear you. It's hard to make a decision and stick with it when there are SO many lovely options and ideas out there. Hugs.

    2.'d love my kitchen...I worked with a talented cabinet maker and his partner. Between the 3 of us we managed to have a very focused point of view. It has white cabinets that go to the ceiling, a tumbled stone backsplash in a buttery color with fossil stone accents in a diamond pattern, black granite counters and very dark oak floors. It's a little more traditional than your taste but I think you'd still like it.


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