Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Looking Back: My First Design Crush

Twelve years ago this charming entryway graced the front cover of House & Home magazine (Feb/March 2000).

Suzanne Dimma's row house renovation was featured on the pages therein, and I was smitten. My first design crush. I was 16. While my tastes have changed and trends have come and gone, there's still something about Suzanne's old home that makes me smile. The suspended gallery wall in her living room and the orange silk drapes in the guest room continue to be favourites. Have a gander and maybe you'll have a flash back too!

I remember there also being this shot of one corner of her living room or maybe a den where a navy and white antique settee sat. I believe there was an oil painting of a woman that hung above it. I loved that little corner. Unfortunately I couldn't find the image, but it's imprinted on my mind's eye. Great design will always stand the test of time. Suzanne has gone on to create many stylish spaces and is currently the editor of House & Home magazine.

Do you have a design crush from the archives?


All images via House & Home

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  1. OMG, I felt the same way!!! I poured over that issue a million times and had everything pretty much memorized. I was obsessed with all of it and I still have that issue!


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