Friday, November 23, 2012

My Latest Brain Wave

I've been a bit frustrated with our front entrance lately. The steal of a deal rug we ended up with is soft and luxurious, and of course I'm all good with that, but it's also very thick. It's not a high pile or shaggy kind of rug; it's just thick from top to bottom. The trouble with the thickness is that the closet doors rub along the top of the rug and even though we've raised them, they tend to push the rug over and then it runs into the sideboard on the opposite wall. I know. First world problems.

So, I had an idea. What about a floating console? Jen of Made by Girl used IKEA kitchen cabinets to create a floating console in her dining room, and I think they look fabulous!

Depending on what type of cabinet/door style you choose, this could be a very affordable option. Jen had a piece of wood cut for the top and stained it ebony and dressed up the fronts of the cabinets with stunning brass hardware. I like the idea of being able to customize the piece however you like. You can play with the dimensions, colour, style, hardware, countertop finish, etc. I like the centre-mount hardware on these two consoles as well.

I'm pretty much sold on this idea or it's at least a definite maybe. :) It would provide us with almost as much storage as our current sideboard does, but it would be visually lighter since it's suspended and not quite as deep. Maybe we could do a limed wood finish on the top piece. Hmmm.

Enjoy your weekend, friends. I hope those of you south of the border had a nice thanksgiving!


Image Sources: Young House Love and Pinterest


  1. That's a great option. You should go for it! :)

  2. Oh such a great idea! Love the twist on having a 'floating' console. And what beautiful photographs to inspire!
    I hope you had a wonderful weekend Sarah!
    D xo


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