Thursday, November 8, 2012

The TV goes Incognito

I'm popping in for a quick hello and to share a few clever ways to hide or disguise a TV. In my humble opinion, a TV should never be the focal point of a room (unless you're privileged enough to have an entire room devoted solely to TV and movie watching). If the TV watching is taking place in your living or family room, I think it's best to either tuck the TV away or somehow make it less obtrusive. Here are some great ideas for doing just that.

Tucked beneath the stairs

Hidden behind a sliding panel

Here are two options for a beach or country house look.

Sliding Barn Doors

Pull Down Vintage Map

This is a unique idea. Build a ledge across the front of a TV. Slide some great art in front when you're not watching anything to keep it out of sight. I can't quite tell how they've made this work but you get the idea. Clever indeed!

(via Apartment Therapy)

And if you don't want to tuck the TV away, try making it blend in with its surroundings. Mounting the TV on a dark wall works wonders in these two examples.

I hope to tuck a TV under our stairs once we finish the family room in the basement. Right now we actually live TV-less. I know that's weird but we somehow manage. Part of the reason we've lived without the ugly black box is because I have such a dislike for the look of it and we had no good place to put it. I guess I feel rather strongly about it! We will get one soon (once we have somewhere to hide it). Ha! It's a long shot, but is there anyone out there like me?


Images pinterest; House Beautiful; Centsational Girl and Apartment Therapy


  1. Wonderful ideas. I especially love the 5th one, with the art sliding in front. I don't like the look of a big black box in the middle of my living room right now either...but there are differing opinions in this house ;)

  2. Great post & love those ideas. Good for you going tv-less. I've often thought what it would be like without one...but lately I've thought about going cable-less and having only three channels - I wonder how much the kids would want to watch!

  3. We don't have A tv on our main floor - and I love that. Lots of great ideas for concealing here. Thanks!


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