Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Artist: Kim Johnston

You may remember the Philosophy Design feature I did a few weeks ago. I had mentioned Kim Johnston as an associate designer here in SK and said that she was a talented artist as well. You got to see some of her artwork in the interiors I showed, but she's just recently added a small gallery of her work at Peridot in Vancouver (the homeware boutique where she sells her artwork). I'm thrilled to be able to share her fabulous work here today! It's insanely good.

So good, right? Kim is a self-taught artist who lives in Regina, SK. She has been painting for 10 years now. I love her use of colour and the romantic flare to many of her pieces. She's got mad skillz, and she reads my little bloggy blog from time to time so give her some love folks. Tell her how much you adore her work in a sweet comment below. Please and thank you.

Gosh. I want to paint like this. So much pretty.



  1. Kim, you have amazing talent. The colors and brushwork are a feast for the senses. There's not a lot of art I truly love and would want on my walls, but yours would be one of them.

  2. These are romantic. I think the branch with blossoms on the green background is my favorite! I also love #8 and the last one. I am so impressed with anyone "self taught" that means there was a true artist in her.

  3. Gorgeous Kim! I live very close to Regina. Can I see your work "live" anywhere there? Thanks

  4. I must apologize...I have never commented on blogs before and thought I pressed publish but JUST realized it didn't work. I am very challenged when it comes to computers!! I get them to do the bare minimum. I could not have been more appreciative to Sarah and for your kind, kind, comments. It has been the first time my art has been out out there and they warm my heart and encourage me. So far I only have my art at Peridot Vancouver and Calgary. I hope to have some in Regina soon and maybe a blog( which means I better get some more computer skills!). Thank you much!!


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