Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Hello, friends. Merry Christmas! I hope you have an enjoyable and relaxing holiday season.

I'm sorry I wasn't around much last week. I ended up getting a nasty tummy bug that knocked me out for a night and a day. Thankfully it cleared up and I woke up Friday morning feeling well enough to host our Christmas party that night. I tried all of the recipes that I shared with you last week except for the bruschetta. I just forgot about it! We had more than enough food though. Everyone really liked the prosciutto wrapped asparagus. I think I made close to 60 asparagus and about 80 deep-fried shrimp. Using the coconut oil was very tasty and it smelled amazing! A big thank you to the ladies who helped me pull it all off. It was too much for one person to do since it all had to be cooked just before we ate! Nothing like inviting your friends over and putting them to work! I guess we all got to enjoy the fruit of our labours.

Kids were also invited to the party and I think there were around 10 who came. They had the run of the house and after the party I found a piece of our plumbing upstairs. It had somehow been disconnected and then made its way up from the basement! It obviously wasn't an important piece and we were able to put it back where it belonged. And I keep finding toys tucked away in the strangest places as I clean up. Too funny. Our house is officially broken in thanks to our dear friends, and that's just the way we like it.

From our home to yours.

I doubt I'll be around much this week, but I hope to be back January 1st to celebrate my 2nd year of blogging. A giveaway is definitely in order so I'll see what I can muster up for you.



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  1. Sweet Sarah...Merry Christmas to you and yours with love, Meredith

  2. Merry Christmas Sarah! All the best this New Year. :)


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