Friday, December 7, 2012

Sewing Shower Curtains

First up, choose a fabric you like. (I let my kids choose since it was going to be for their bathroom.) It's very unlikely you will find a fabric you like that's wide enough to only have to sew one panel, so bite the bullet and purchase enough to do two panels (that's my suggestion anyway).

The fabric I used was 44" wide and I needed about 5m of fabric. I ended up cutting about 10" off each of the panels to make them more narrow. The panels just would have been too bulky otherwise. I used 6 grommets per panel.

You'll want to sew a 2" hem along the tops of both panels and then hem the sides. Each panel was 30" wide when I was done hemming. So, start with two panels that are 34" wide. Fold over 1" and then another for the sides (2" seam allowance). For the tops, fold over 1" and then 2" to create the top hem (3" seam allowance). Make sense? Here's a close up look at the tops.

Once the tops and sides are stitched, you're ready to put the grommets in. The grommets begin about 2" from the sides and are around 6 3/8" apart. 6 grommets per panel. You'll want to space yours out evenly depending on the width of your panels. Again, mine were around 30" wide with the sides hemmed. Once you've determined where the grommets will go, trace a circle using the grommet and cut out the teeny tiny hole with scissors VERY carefully.

For these small grommets you'll need a grommet tool as it's called. The grommets themselves have a front and back piece to them.


Grommet Tool

The grommet tool is supposed to help you punch holes in the fabric where the grommets are going to go, but it DID NOT work for me... AT ALL. I ended up cutting the tiny little holes with scissors. The tool did work for attaching the grommet though, so then we were friends again! You'll also need a hammer and a hard surface. Here's how it works.

"Nut" piece of grommet tool

Larger Half of Grommet

Larger Half of Grommet sets on Top of Nut, Place on a Hard Surface

Push grommet through hole in fabric (You've cut holes with scissors), nut is underneath, fabric is right side down

Take pronged grommet piece

Place over/around larger half of grommet, prongs facing down

Place second piece of grommet tool on top

Hammer Hard

Finished (view from the wrong side of fabric)

Finished (view from the right side of fabric)

It was pretty easy once I got going. I hung the curtains and then marked the hem to break just at the floor. The hem got stitched in place, the panels got ironed and there they hang. Voila!

We used a double shower rod which I highly recommend. The curtains can go on the outer rod and we can hang towels to dry on the inner rod. (Picked it up at Home Depot.) The curtains can be pulled closed and the towels are out of sight!

You won't likely find shower curtain liners narrow enough for 30" panels so just buy two and cut them to size. Easy.

I think we have the cutest shower curtains around. Let me know if you have any questions or need some clarification; I'll do my best.

Enjoy your weekend, friends!



  1. They turned out great! They really make the bathroom fun & stylish. And I really like your new blog header - classy with a touch of glam.

  2. Looks great! Lucky kids that you let them pick!! :)

  3. What material is that. Please tell me where else I can find them?

    1. It's a type of cotton. Dwell Studio, Zoo Pals. I purchased mine through Tonic Living. -Sarah


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