Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tuesday Randoms

Hello, friends. I hope this finds you well. We are dealing with snow up to our armpits these days! Crazy.

I've been working on a little blog redesign lately. My friend, Terra, created a new blog header for me along with some swashes for tabs and such. It's coming together although there are still some things I want to play around with. Click through if you normally read in a reader or e-mail and have a look. You can visit/contact Terra through her facebook pace, Favourite Things Graphic Design. She's super sweet and super talented.

O.k. let's see. I finally got around to making our glass fronts cabinets look a little better. I had kind of just shoved things in there when we first moved in.

And our tree is up. It's a simple look in green, silver and gold.

We've been going through the advent stockings with the kids. Here's the list I came up with for the 24 days leading up to Christmas.

Deliver a Meal to a Busy Family


Hand out candy canes and “Merry Christmas” notes throughout the community (grocery store, library, play group, dance class, etc.)


Call your Great-Grandparents


Write a thank you note to your dance teacher

Write and draw a picture for Prem (sponsored child)


Write and draw a picture for Juna
(sponsored child)

Sneak attack Daddy’s office and decorate it


Notes/Pictures for friends and deliver them

Babysit for a busy friend


Play/Sing Christmas carols at the nursing home


Pay for the car behind you at the drive-through


Bake cookies and deliver some to our neighbours

Bring donuts/muffins to church one morning (for the kid’s classes)


Go through the house and collect some toys to give away

Send flowers to Great Grandma (she's sick)


Tape a big sign and a treat to the top of the garbage can lid for the garbage collector


Bring roses for the girl’s at the office & treats


Treats for the hospital staff and a big thank you/Merry Christmas sign


Send a couple out for supper and watch their kids


Send a text message to 3 people just to say hello and make them smile

Make supper for Uncle Zane & Jenn (they are busy!)


Offer to wrap presents for friends who are busy

Video a fun Christmas song and share it with others to make them smile


Call Grandparents just to chat

On Sunday the kids brought timbits to church to share with their teachers and friends. I think they ended up eating their fair share too!

Tonight I get to watch my little ballerina dance! It's an open house for parents so I'm looking forward to that. Should be completely adorable. I mean look at her!

I've been putting together a little tutorial on sewing shower curtains too. Hope to share that with you later this week.

Hugs all 'round! (And pop by to see the new blog header. It's good. Promise. How could something that involves gold confetti not be good?)



  1. Love the changes to the site, including your new photo. Gosh, you're pretty! That adorable little ballerina takes after her mama. :)

  2. Oh Sarah...love the new look! I am up to my eyeballs in sewing my bags for an ART show this Friday and I am going to come back to this and read more carefully and ENJOY today's blog. LOVE the Advent Calendar. It is so DEAR!!!
    I also love that aqua teacup...if I was your neighbor you'd have to watch out if I came for coffee...I might go home with that cup.
    Love the photo of the kids with little brother whizzing by in a flash and big sister holding her pose. And the backdrop of the hallway....GORGEOUS!!!

  3. I love your list of holiday activities! What a great way to bless people. =)

    Avery is such a cute little ballerina. =)

  4. Sarah! I have just discovered your blog and am loving it! you are so talented, and my oh my, thanks so much for the wonderful meals, you are a wonderful cook as well... I am starting to wonder if there is anything your not good at! God Bless :) -Amber


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