Monday, January 14, 2013

Dear Lord, Please Don't Let Me Kill It

There's a first time for everything, and my latest first is this house plant. Right now it looks so happy and green. I hope I can keep it that way. 

It's a fiddle leaf fig tree. I've blogged about them before and have always wanted one. The trees can grow to be fairly tall with ginormous leaves. Right now it's sitting in our bedroom. Ultimately, I'd like it in our bathroom, but I'll wait for the summer months when we get more sun (the windows aren't quite as big in the bathroom).  

Until it grows tall, I'd like to set it on a table of some kind to raise it off the ground and give it more of a presence. It will get transplanted into the pot a couple months from now and then it should start to grow a bit bigger. Apparently you can trim the base of the tree to encourage it to grow and spread out. We shall see. Please wish me luck. I think I shall need it. 

For those of you who are local, I picked it up at Dutch Growers.  

Have a good start to your week! 
Hugs & High Fives,



  1. I have some plants that are OLD and I marvel that I have kept them alive. I think mostly I have left them overwatering and a little bit of fertilizer.
    I am sure your Fig will love it's new home because you choose everything so carefully! Key is that you went to a nursery for your purchase. This season I went to Walmart for something and picked up my paperwhites there. They grew into the healthiest looking green stalks which produced great looking buds which one by one turned brown rather than blossoming! ;-( Learned my lesson...never overlook our local nursery Skillens!
    Have a great week.


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