Wednesday, January 9, 2013

House Stuff for January

As I mentioned yesterday, I've got a January to do list in the works. Here are a few things I'd like to get done this month.

  • Spray paint Avery's bed (IKEA daybed). It needs to go from soft blue (its original colour that I never really liked) to brass/gold. I picked up some Rustoleum Metallic paint the other day, so I just need to find a good time to get 'er done.
Current Look

Imagine it in this colour -- SO. MUCH. BETTER.

  • Sew Avery's curtains and construct pelmet box/cornice. Here's that ridiculous sketch I did to get an idea of what it will look like. 

  • Order these gorgeous chinoiserie panels from Black Rooster Decor. I'm thinking they will go in my daughter's room, but if I decide they'd be better in my room, then I'll get them (hee hee). They would look great on either side of our master bedroom window.

  • Order barstools for kitchen island. Yay! (Vapor barstool from CB2.) 

  • Find rugs/mats for the kitchen and ensuite. Leaning towards these (at Black Rooster). 


  • Lamps for the sideboard. At first I had my eye on these cage lamps from Black Rooster, but then we decided they would probably be too big (they are 41" tall). Oh, how I love them though.

Cage Lamp

I want something unique, so I'm kind of leaning towards vintage lamps. A quick ebay search brought these alabaster lamps into consideration. Hmmmm. They're smaller and less expensive but still stylish. We'll definitely consider them.

And I hope to sew a pillow or two this month. Our sofa looks so empty without any cushions on it. Look what I found at my local fabric store! 

It's an awesome leopard print fabric that has the look and feel of velvet, but it's not. I got it for less than $14 / meter. Oh yeah. I think the sofa will get one of these and here are a few other fabrics/pillows I'm considering. 

Channels by Kelly Wearstler

Amrapali Peony by Designers Guild

And I just came across this pretty white and gold pillow at Pillotopia (gold metallic on white linen). Must use it somewhere.

That about sums it up although there will likely be a few little extras that happen too. I'm counting on the momentum of a new year to keep me going! Do you have any special projects lined up at your home?


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