Friday, January 4, 2013

Katie Ridder Kitchens

I was flipping through my new Katie Ridder Rooms book the other day and was enjoying all the pretty. The book takes you through a pile of Katie Ridder projects room by room. While all the spaces were lovely, I became particularly enamoured with the kitchens section. So, here are some of the Katie Ridder kitchens that won my heart.

I think it's the attention to detail and the "extras" that make these kitchens sing. The look is kept fresh with unexpected colour here and there, show-stopping light fixtures, and unique tile. I like the charm and coziness that her kitchens seem to invoke. 

One simple way to add a little cozy to your kitchen is with a rug. (Seen in a few of the kitchens above.) It's also practical because it catches drips and splatters, protecting your floor, and makes it easier on your feet and legs when you're prepping or cleaning up. I really want to add a rug to our kitchen between the sink and stove. 

Some rugs I'm considering. 


Sources: Black Rooster Decor (1, 2 & 3); West Elm (4, 5); Lulu & Georgia

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Image Sources: Elle Decor; Pinterest; House & Home; Architect Design; Pinterest; Style Court; Simplified Bee; Cococozy

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  1. Oh my! The green tiled backsplash in that last kitchen is AMAZING! I am always on the hunt for the perfect kitchen mat/rug! I find that perfect mix of size/colour/price so hard.


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