Thursday, January 10, 2013

Last Chance to Enter Giveaway

Hello, friends. The day has gotten away on me, and I'm feeling a little uninspired right now. I think I'll hit the treadmill instead and just give you a quick reminder that today is the last day to enter my giveaway for this piece of art. Go here to enter. Winner will be announced tomorrow. Good luck and thanks to those of you who've already entered!


I promise I'll be back tomorrow with a stylish, local feature for you. Can't wait!

Oh, and the hunt continues for lamps and rugs. A few other considerations. 


I guess there's a bit of a "blue theme" going on here. It is a lovely colour. Decisions. Decisions What do you think of those foo dog lamps? They seem like the kind of thing you either love or hate. Very chinoiserie and a little quirky. I suppose they might scare the kids though. When I can get myself organized, I'll do a post about foo dogs and a little bit of history behind them.

Catch you later! 


Foo Dog Lamps on ebay
Blue Rug at Rugs USA

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  1. I love the lamps and the rug. Where is the rug from? I could totally see that in our family room.


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