Monday, January 21, 2013

Let's Go Outside, Darling

These -40 C temperatures have got me dreaming about warmer days. Just as soon as the mounds of snow melt away we're going to be turning our yard of mud into a yard of grass, complete with a garden, fence and deck and hopefully a play structure of some kind (if all goes as planned). We'd love to do a patio and pergola, an outdoor fireplace, a secluded sitting area with a fountain, and the list goes on, but those things are down the road kinds of projects. This summer we'll focus on the basics. 

Here are some dreamy outdoor spaces in the meantime. Black and white stripes are still a favourite, and I'm really liking the look of a black pergola. Le sigh. 

Dream on. Dream on. Don't mind if I do.

Thanks for the new "likes" and "followers" over the last little while. You're all so sweet. 

Hugs all around,


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  1. Oh Sarah...not fair! I want to walk right into these photos and turn my back on the cold! We are at 16 degrees; compared to Canada I guess I have nothing to complain about.
    My favorite in the third one down! Oh Oh Oh...stone house, boxwood hedges, english ivy and a pergola...couldn't ask for more!
    I also love the last photo. I love container gardening and I would be so happy to snap up all three of these pots!!! I love being able to move pots around to suit their needs for the longest possible season. I also find it a neat and clean look. Have a good week and stay WARM if you can. M


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