Thursday, January 3, 2013

No New Resolutions

Yep. That's right. I'm not making any new resolutions this year because I still have my 30 things before 30 list that I'm plugging away at. I guess I'm nearly halfway through my 29th year now, so I thought I should revisit my list to see how I'm doing.

Improve my painting skills

Learn how to use photoshop

Bake a super delicious cake from scratch

Read 30 books

Make a baby

Get a bikini body (even though I won't be wearing a bikini) *This will have to happen before that baby gets made*

Use less paper towel

Plant a garden

Wear coloured jeans (I realize I'm way behind)

Wear yellow

Grow my hair to the mammaries

Buy a leather purse

Spend less on groceries

Call/Visit an old friend

30 Random Acts of Kindness

Eat vegan for 30 days (I at least tried - made it 10 days and then decided I was not meant to be vegan)

Build a fort with my kids

Sleep under the stars

Say "I love you" more

Learn II Movement of Chopin Piano Concerto in E- (It's beautiful!)

Pout less, Smile and Laugh More

Learn to cook roast beef and Yorkshire pudding

Write a song for my kids

Read poetry

Roadtrip with my man

Teach my eldest to read

Write some old-fashioned letters

Learn to bake bread

Get to know my neighbours

Take better pictures
There are a few things I can cross off the list, and I'm working on many of the others. Some I haven't even started though! Because of that, I won't be making any new year's resolutions, but I do have a few things in mind (of course). For now I'll keep them under wraps though and get crackin' on this list of mine!
Do you have any special goals or dreams for this new year?
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  1. You are ambitious! I'm looking forward to seeing your progress as you chip away at this list. My milestone birthday is coming up next year and I am contemplating one big thing to do before I'm 30. Might as well go for it, we're not getting any younger ;)


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