Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Pillows, Pillows & More Pillows (Decorating Help for a Friend)

Hi all. I hope you've had a good week thus far. It always takes me a little time to get back into the swing of things after the holidays. The desire to stay in my jammies all day and eat sugary treat after sugary treat still lingers, but I'm trying to kick back into real life. The working out has commenced once again and that's helping.

I want to give you a look at a little project I worked on for friends of ours. They recently purchased their first non-IKEA living room set - a sofa, ottoman and two chairs. I haven't actually seen the set in real life yet, but here's a picture of it.

Image via Clay's 365

It's a charcoal colour as you can see which is great for their family of 6. I think they made an excellent choice. Modern but classic lines and the tufted detail is nice.

My friend asked for some help choosing pillows. She had black, white, and moss green in mind but was open to other suggestions. She also said she liked dots and chevron.

I came up with three different options. I kind of thought that they may want lighter colours since the charcoal of the sofa and chairs was already quite dark. Option No.1 was my favourite and was their favourite in the end too. I strayed from the black, white and green but delivered the dots and chevron. The dark charcoal colour appears in the chevron pattern (which ties in nicely with the sofa & chairs) alongside other shades of grey and a little bit of gold to warm things up.

I did try and find some nice black, white and green options if she did want to stick to those colours. These options could work as well.

I so enjoy doing this kind of thing. Thanks for asking, Kim! Can't wait to see it come together.

I *heart* pillows. They're the perfect way to add colour, pattern and pretty to your space.



  1. i like it..i am searching for helpful sites for i am planning to renovate my home and i am still gathering some helpful tips

  2. My favorite is actually #3. I love the spring green and the organic mix with the softer geometric. Love the cabled throw in #1...Interesting isn't it to see what calls each of us. I LOVE the set they chose. It would work for me as well and I assume they are your age Sarah...Sometimes I think I could start all over and other times I feel such comfort in my old traditional sofa that has graced our living room for many years! I'll send you a photo. I am 61 but am so energized by the friends and acquaintances I have of your generation. Having had a LONG career as a retail buyer for a large company...I was always surrounded by young people. I believe it so enhanced my life and kept me younger than I might have been Also 2 beautiful talented daughters in law keep me "connected". I so enjoy seeing you express your talent and design. Best to you. Meredith

  3. whoops...I meant #2 would be my probably figured that out.

    1. I did figure it out. I quite like option #2 as well. Thanks for your kind words, Meredith.

  4. Thanks so much for doing this for us, Sarah! It was so helpful to get ideas about what direction to go in. I know what I like but have a hard time knowing how to put it all together, and I am horribly indecisive. This takes out my guesswork :)


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