Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Ensuite Gets a Lift -- The Plan

Hi all. Sorry I wasn't around yesterday. I had a funeral to attend which made for a full and rather sad day. The only good thing about funerals is that is makes us stop and think about life. We get the chance to reflect on the life that was and in turn, our own lives. We never really know when we'll breathe our last. I want to live my life loving God and loving others. My prayer is that by God's grace I do that better and better as the days and years go by. Deep (or at least deeper than usual) thoughts on this fine, snowy Thursday afternoon.

Changing gears completely, here are few ways I'm hoping to spruce up our ensuite as the budget permits. Pretty much everything is white in the space. White ceiling, floors, walls, tile, etc. I don't intend to bring much colour into the space, but I'd like to decorate it with some really great pieces. As I mentioned before, the fig tree will hopefully end up in there, and the zig zag rug from Black Rooster is on its way.

Here are some other things I'd like to see happen. This gorgeous venetian mirror would be rad, and it's the perfect size. Good-bye, builder basic mirror. Hello, glamorous beauty! 

I'd love to do black and white curtains to tie in with the rug. Trimming them with a little greek key detail would work really well. Something like this. 

(minus the pelmet box)

And then some art would finish things off. Some black and white photographs and maybe a beach scene for a little colour. I'm thinking this large photograph will go up in the space. 

The fig tree will go in that space between the toilet and tub (tub is on the right). Yes, I just showed you my toilet! Totally gross. I know. 

Oh, and if I get a small table to set the fig tree on, I'd like to skirt the table in a suzani. 

My husband says this doesn't go at all, but to me, it's the perfect bit of global that balances out the glamour of the mirror and adds some great pattern, texture and colour. Please tell me how much you agree. Maybe we can talk him into it.

Catch you later, friends! I've got to get off my butt and scrub my house. Baby shower tomorrow.


Suzani on ebay and greek key curtains at Studio 10 | 25


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