Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Kitchen Gets a Rug

Our blue beauty of a rug just arrived this morning from Rugs USA. It was a really great sale and the perfect size for the floor space between our sink and stove/oven. I also like how it adds some colour and pattern to our fairly white, blank-slate kitchen. See here. See here. The kitchen gets a rug. 

There's a bit of purple and brown throughout the rug and various shades of blue. It's still crinkled in places, but that will settle over time. I think it ties in beautifully with our floors and the cabinet hardware. For the price, it gets two thumbs up! 

For comparison sake, this is what it looks like on the website. It definitely has more of a green hue to it in person, but that's partly the lighting in my photos. It does look blue in person just not quite as blue as what is depicted below. 

Apparently, two of my barstools from CB2 were supposed to arrive today, but they ended up in Winnipeg and I got a galvanized trunk instead. Just a mix up between the two orders. Oh well. It's being sorted out and hopefully the stools will get here in a few days. The one is back ordered so it will arrive at a later date. Really looking forward to getting those in the place and then the kitchen is pretty much done.  

I hope your day is going well. Thanks for the visit! 



  1. Gorgeous colours Sarah! I love how it plays off of the colour in the blog tagline of your header too! ;)

  2. Your rug is gorgeous, Sarah! I really love the colours in both photos, so somewhere in between is bound to be a hit! The hardware on your drawers looks amazing, BTW! :-)


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