Monday, February 18, 2013

Architectural Prints

Here's one way to enjoy stunning architecture from the comfort of your own home. Architectural prints and photographs are classic with a timeless elegance to them. Prints can be purchased new or you can borrow images from old books if you don't mind pulling the pages out. A collection of prints looks particularly good in a library, den or office, but they can work just as well in nearly any kind of space (as you will see below). These kinds of prints beckon you to take a closer look so you can take in all the structural details. I like. 

I love this over sized one. It seems to draw or invite you right in. Perfect for an entry or hallway. 

Whether you group just a few prints together or decide to fill an entire wall with them, architectural prints are a great way to bring some classic art into your home. You may never get to visit some of the famous architectural wonders in person, so this is one way to enjoy them.

Have a good start to your week, friends. It's actually a holiday here in SK (family day), so my husband is off and I think we'll be taking the kids out sledding later today, and I kind of feel like baking eating something delectable. Hmmm...



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