Friday, February 8, 2013

Fashion Bits for Spring 2013

While we're away, I hope to do some sho-o-ping! Some new duds for spring would be lovely. Here are some styles that have caught my eye lately. 

Patterned Pants (if I get brave enough). Pairing a busy print with a classic blazer and heels keeps the look from being goofy or tacky. I would probably go for something more subtle, but here is Olivia Polermo rocking a bold, floral print. 

A stylish blazer. Dress them up or down. (The hot pink colour is perfect for spring.) 

I've wanted a chambray shirt for forever. It seems like the kind of piece I would get tons of wear out of. It's like wearing jeans on your arms and everything goes with jeans, right? The problem is, they sell out SO fast. Obviously a popular item.

A statement necklace is in order. 

And a cute pair of flats. I briefly thought about splurging on a Tory Burch or Kate Spade pair but decided to save with this leopard print pair at ALDO. (On sale right now for $35.) They arrived last week, and I'm liking them. Snow, snow go away! I want to wear my flats today. 

And you can never go wrong with jeans and a pretty blouse. Polka dots would be so fun!

Or how about this look? It's good. Classic jeans and heels with a glitter blazer. So pretty. 

I guess this is something like my shopping list. Any other list makers out there? We even have lists to keep our lists organized, right? 

Yes, my sights are set on spring. It's right about now that winter starts to feel very long, and I can't help but dream of warmer days, green grass and open toe shoes. Soon. 

Have a wonderful weekend, friends! 


Images via Pinterest


  1. Very cute list!! I just bought a darling leopard belt from C Wonder that gives that same great pop! Now I want those shoes too :)

  2. Love it all! I am hoping to be bold (and fit!) enough to try some patterned jeans this spring. Enjoy your getaway!


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