Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Golden Slumbers & Other House Stuff

I finally got around to spray painting Avery's bed, and it looks stellar. (Does anybody use that word anymore?) I'm so glad I went for it. Good bye, baby blue and hello, gold gorgeousness. I used rustoleum gold metallic spray paint and needed 4 cans in total. Have a look!  

The bedding we have no longer works so I left it out of the picture; we'll be switching it out soon. I'm thinking I'll go with a fairly simple bedspread or duvet and then add lots of colour and pattern with pillows. Here's some pillow mania -- options I'm considering.

I haven't made much progress on her pelmet box and curtains. The fellow I was going to ask to build the pelmet has gone south for a month, so I'll have to wait until he gets back. That project is on hold for now. 

The barstools arrived. Yippee! After dreaming about them for almost a year and designing the island with them in mind, they're finally here, and they look great. I wanted something that wasn't too big and was visually light so as not to obstruct your view into the kitchen from the dining and living room areas. It's an open concept space so that was important to me. They're also kid friendly because they're plastic, and we're hoping to get a lucite/glass coffee table for the living room eventually so they will tie in nicely with that. 

We also ended up getting those foo dog lamps off ebay. My husband said we could get them under the stipulation that I spray paint them white. The blue colour is nice but the eyes of the dogs are black, and they look rather fierce -- a little too scary for the kids. I'm in the process of spray painting them white, and we'll get some black shades to finish them up. As a reminder. 

Things are gettin' done. Now that it's a new month I've got fresh ideas for that to do list but more on that another day.

Hugs & High Fives,



  1. The bed looks great! I can't wait to see it with the bedding and the pillows you pick out.

  2. Oooh, Avery's bed is awesome! The bar stools are beautiful too. They suit the island perfectly.

  3. Avery's bed looks so amazing!!! We have lucite dining chairs and with kids they are awesome, little tip to wipe them so they don't steak use really hot water and a microfiber cloth, works wonders.

  4. I love the bed! You did an amazing job! I can't wait to see the bedding and pillows.Velveteen would be so beautiful. The barstools are a perfect fit! I'll bet they really play well with those pendant lights!!!
    Have a good weekend...we are hunkering down for the giant snowstorm.


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