Thursday, February 28, 2013

Griffin & Wong (Handpainted Silk Wallpaper - Oh My!)

Yep. This is one of those "me, oh my" finds. So pretty. And the part that has me even more excited is that the chances of me getting my hands on some of this wallpaper goodness are actually pretty good. In other words, you don't have to sacrifice a limb to pay for these pretties. Let me back up though. 

Griffin & Wong is a design house that specializes in silk, hand painted wallpaper design. They are based out of Vancouver, BC. The current collection consists of 22 Chinoiserie and 5 Western Scenic designs which can be hand painted on a variety of coloured silk wallpaper backgrounds. Papering an entire room in one of their designs would be costly, but you can get the look for much less with one or two panels. Like this. 

Dining Room of Christine Dovey, Meredith Heron Design. As seen in Style at Home

Dining Room of Jessie Epley Short as seen on The Everygirl

The panels are approximately 3 feet wide and can range in height from 4-12 feet high. You can read more about the ordering process and cost here

Some other designs. 

If you're looking for some large scale "art", these panels could do nicely. Our stairwell is crying out for some blossoms and birds to keep it company. Sign me up!


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