Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hello From the Mountains

Hello, friends. I thought I'd pop in to say a quick hello. We're enjoying our little getaway. It's been very relaxing. Today is really our last day since we'll be spending tomorrow on the road for the long drive home. 

We did go snow boarding yesterday which was a lot of fun although we were wishing we were more experienced. We both had a few nasty falls and we're definitely feeling it today. Thankfully neither of us incurred any major injuries. The view was spectacular. Mountains always take this prairie gals breath away. Me & Mountains.

We're also staying at a really lovely place called Fox Inn in Banff. Everything is so woodsy here. All of the architecture and decor is made to look like a cabin or ski chalet. Banff is such a pretty town in an idyllic setting. 

Notice that hole in the ground in the middle of the courtyard? Here's a closer look at what's down there. 

A hot spring fed pool (this is just one corner of the pool). It's essentially like sitting in a hot tub in a cave or cavern with the open air above. Kind of fun. 

Today we're going to enjoy an afternoon tea at the Banff Springs Hotel. One of those British traditions that we should really all observe. I mean our world would be a better place if we all took time for tea and biscuits and mini sandwiches and piles of sweet treats mid afternoon. Yes. Please. 

Catch you later!


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  1. oh have a great time! Such a fabulous town! Your pictures are wonderful!


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