Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hemming & Hawing (Floor Lamps & Side Chairs)

Hi and how are you? I hope things are well with you and yours. We've got some slight sniffles and coughs in our house, but nothings too serious (thankfully). We've been fortunate not to have too many "sick days" this winter. Last year was a different story!

Anyway, I've been starting to look around for a floor lamp for our living room. We won't be getting anything right away, but of course I like to know what's out there. Giving myself time to flip back and forth between all the various options is part of the process. (The only drawback is it drives my husband crazy. Can anyone relate?)

The lamp will sit in the one corner where we plan to have a small side chair, right near the piano. I would like a light that is good for reading and one that can also be turned or swivelled to give light to anyone playing the piano. A few of the styles below have two or three lamps/heads which would work really well, but I'm not as fond of these. Certainly keeping them as options though. 

While we're on the topic of the living room, here are some occasional chairs I've got my eye on. We'd like a pair of chairs on the one side of the room in front of the windows. The only catch is they need to be small, and that definitely limits our options. If money grew on trees, I would go with this scallop slipper chair from Oomph. It's the perfect size and oh. so. cute. (Probably a lighter colour though.)

Here's another quite affordable option. The only catch with this one is that it's VERY small. Almost too small according to the reviews, and I don't like the finish on the legs for our space.

This brentwood chair by Thibaut is also very nice, but I'm afraid it would be too big (and probably quite pricey). It's a stunner though. The scallop back and those bamboo legs! So good. (At Peridot)


So, the search continues. I know we'll find something that works in the end. For now it's fun to look around and explore the options. Hoping for one of those "fabulous finds along the way" I guess. Gotta love those. 



Find the lamps: Circa Lighting; Euro Style Lighting; West Elm; Lamps Plus; Circa Lighting; Robert Abbey Bruno Light at Lamps Plus


  1. Lamps: If I were choosing for myself, I love the one on the tripod because it evokes the feeling of a campaign chair, safari, exploration...I don't care for the multi lamps poles...I am old enough to find NO delight in that retro look because it's still an era that I want to see "gone" (in other words I was there). The third one down against the blue paneled wall makes me think it'd work in your room unless it is too shiny? I do like the other 2 brass ones very much.
    Chairs: Oh I do so want that Oomph chair or 2 for you! I do like the color...but this would be a winner in any color! So agree...really dislike the legs on the middle one in every aspect. The Thibault chair is a dream! I love it, everything about it! Have a great week.

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