Friday, February 1, 2013

Janet Hill Studio (Affordable & Adorable Art Prints)

Totally adorable, folks. In love with these art prints by Janet Hill (and she's Canadiana). They have a vintage and glamorous/romantic feel to them. Full of colour and immensely charming. I want them all. Stat. And they have the cutest names too. This first one if called "The Chocolate One with Sprinkles." I took my daughter out for a treat just the other day and guess what she chose from the bakery counter? "The Chocolate One with Sprinkles!" So this first one really gets me, but they are all so good. Pretty and colourful and I could go on. See for yourself. 

Puppies. Shoes. Lions. Pirates. What's not to love!

You can see more of Janet's work here at her etsy shop. She has way more to choose from. Prices seem to range from $16 - $50.

And with that generous helping of pure delight, I wish you the happiest of weekends!

Hugs all around, 



  1. So great! Love the one with the pink poodle:) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh my I love them all, going to keep theses in mind for future projects> Thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh Dear Sarah...
    I WANT those starred shoes!!! WANT the cars parked behind the pink poodle soooo much!!! Want the blue sink and desperate for the GOLD STAR BANNER!!!
    Best, Meredith
    PS the aqua & gold painting just arrived and has been installed in my studio <3


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