Friday, February 22, 2013

Sponsor Welcome: Hollie Cooper of Pillotopia

I'm excited to introduce one very stylish sponsor to you on this fine Friday morning. I've mentioned her here and there, but I'm thrilled to introduce her as an official sponsor. I couldn't be happier to have my very first sponsor be Hollie Cooper of Pillotopia; she's one talented lady. (I feel like we should have had a drum roll going there.)

Hollie runs an etsy shop called Pillotopia where she sells some very chic pillows (many of them featuring her hand painted fabrics). She also offers e-design services and a "design box" service. Here's a look at what the "design box" is, while we're on the topic. 

As you can see, you get a custom design from her with all the little extras: fabric and wallpaper samples, paints, stains, and a shopping list of stores in your area where you can purchase, as well as any additional items of importance. Once you have the plan in hand, you can move forward. This gives you the confidence and direction to get started. Awesome. 

She also offers an e-design service which is a really great way to get expert design help no matter where you are or where she is! Love this concept. 

And of course there are the pillows! Piles and piles of squishy goodness. 

Hollie has recently started a blog so pop on over and say hello. You can also visit her etsy shop here to see more from this stylish gal. 

Oh, and before we say good bye for the weekend, here's a sample of a fabric she's doing for us. SO looking forward to getting rid of the granny upholstery job that's currently on our dining chairs. The fabric ties in beautifully with our sofa (Hollie nailed the colour). Going to be fabulous.

Hugs all around, 


If you're interested in sponsorship let me know! E-mail me for rates and more info.


  1. Thanks Sarah so much for having me, and that was a wonderful intro!

  2. Great to see you featuring Hollie, Sarah! I have one of her pillows in my living room - which I love!

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