Friday, February 15, 2013

The Long Drive Home

Hello, friends. Sorry posts have been rather sparse this week. We had a bit of an adventure coming home and ended up getting back a day later than planned. 

We drove through the worst snowstorm ever and got stranded in a small town on the way. The roads were horrendous. We were driving 60km the whole way, and they ended up closing the roads later in the day. We were relieved to get off the highway and pull into aforementioned small town. We decided to spend the night and venture out again in the morning, but to our dismay, all of the hotels were full. Not a single room available. 

Thankfully I remembered that a friend of mine had lived in this particular small town years ago so I gave her a call. She's one of those connectors who knows lots of people and makes friends wherever she goes. She gave us the names of a few people and a phone number for one of them. It felt a little strange calling perfect strangers and asking to stay with them, but we were desperate. They were very kind and helpful and found a place for us to stay. 

We enjoyed an evening of visiting with our new friends and after a hot shower and yummy breakfast the next morning, we set out again. The roads were still bad for awhile, but the visibility was much better and the roads became more clear the further we went. At long last we arrived home to our babies and our own beds. Thank God. It's good to be home. 

Our trip home was less like this.

And more like this. 

So, I think we need another holiday after all that! We did have a nice time away and I managed to do lots of shopping. Came away with some great finds but more on that another day. Right now I'm going to lay low for the day and get my house back in order. 

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