Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Sofa Gets a Friend

Hello, friends! Sending you virtual hugs and high fives. I had mentioned that I did some a lot of shopping while we were in Calgary. We had planned (and budgeted) for most of the purchases, but there was one unexpected find that was too good to pass up. We found the perfect coffee table. Here she be!

(Please excuse the lack of styling and the rather unsightly dining chairs in the background - they are temporary).

Metropolitan Coffee Table at Style in Form, purchased through Peridot Decorative Homeware

I had wanted a square coffee table because I thought it would work best with the furniture layout, but that certainly limits your options. Originally, I had my eye on this one at Wisteria

The drawbacks to choosing it were: not being able to see it in person, cost, shipping, etc.  

The one we picked up in Calgary (from Peridot) was more reasonably priced, a slighter smaller size (which was better for our space), we got to see it in person, and shipping was very reasonable. We actually tried to fit it in our car but couldn't squeeze it in. The glass top fit though and that helped cut down on shipping costs and the fear of having the glass break en route. The table base arrived at our house before we did!

I'm still working on the plan for the living room as a whole, but here's a look at the fabrics I'm considering for pillows. Right now I'm also thinking yellow drapes, but that could definitely change. 

Check out this space designed by Amanda Nisbet. Yellow drapes with a blue sofa. HUGE impact here. 

The yellow is so bright and cheery and it looks great with blue and grey (colour we already have). Since the view out our window is pretty much white and brown for six months of the year, I could handle a bold splash of colour. My feelings might change once spring and summer roll around, but then winter will come again too - something to keep in mind. 

Could you handle yellow curtains? 



  1. The coffee table is really nice, Iove the knot detail!
    I have not forgot about you, I will send you an email today regarding the fabric and the other item your waiting for. Also launched my blog today www.thepinkzipper.blogspot.com
    Have a nice day:)

  2. Perfect choice for a coffee table. Your coffee breaks will always be a cosy one with that in sight.


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