Wednesday, February 20, 2013

To Decorate a Boy's Room

Little man's room is kind of on hold right now until we get his bed in place (that will happen eventually). Once we're ready to forward march, these are some things I could definitely go for. Maybe it's due to our recent mountain trip, but I've got a bit of an outdoorsy look in mind. This large piece of art that previously hung in my husband's office has also given me some direction (and the colours are perfecto)! It will be hung once we have a few other key pieces in place, but here's a quick look. 

And have I shown you the baskets we got for the expedit shelf? They're from IKEA and are made to fit just so. We also put feet on the expedit to raise it up and accommodate a heating vent beneath.

And more stuff that would be oh. so. perfect. 
I love how the wire detail/structure of the side table and light fixture relate to one another, and they're both quite affordable.

These gazelle horns are actually 40" tall which is kind of awesome. They could be great hung at the head of the bed. 

We must have a Hudson's Bay blanket on the bed. Nothings says "great outdoors" quite like this classic, comfy blanket.

And imagine these petrified wood slabs framed up in shadow boxes and hung on either side of the window. They're actually coasters (made from petrified wood), but they could pass as art, don't you think?

And if we want to splurge a little or feel the need for some more red, a juju hat would be most welcome. Loads and loads of texture with all those feathers. 

A gallery wall of beautifully detailed airplane sketches could fill up one of the walls. I really like these ones by Tara Neal of Flights by Number. You can buy them in sets of 4, 6, 9 or 12 to do a gallery (or as individual prints if you just want one).

And I've been eyeing this mustache made by Remnant Steel here in Saskatoon. It's so fun and playful - perfect for a kid's room. Not exactly outdoorsy but certainly boy (although it looks pretty cute on Naomi here).

I want to do all of this yesterday, but patience must take hold on me. Getting that bed in place is key and so is paying off credit card bills from recent shopping trips! hee hee

Thanks for the visit! 


Sources (if not mentioned above): Market Basket Side Table at Urban Outfitters; Wire Globe Lantern at Shades of Light; Gazelle Horns at Black Rooster Decor; Petrified Wood Coasters at Anthropologie; Red Juju Hat Africa Direct on Etsy

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  1. I love the direction of the bedroom, the horns above the bed would be amazing! Can't wait to see what you do.


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