Sunday, March 31, 2013

Adore "Adore Mag" (The Latest Issue)

The April/May issue of Adore Home Magazine is hot off the press, and it's good. Adore is an Australian-based online magazine, and it's always jam packed full of fun and colourful eye candy. The latest issue featured a home designed by Greg Natale (who I've blogged about before). He does amazing work and has such a signature style. This glamorous family home is filled with bright colour and bold patterns. It definitely has a tropical vibe without being too "themed." (Love that.) Have a look!

These images were all borrowed right from Adore magazine so some of them are kind of funny sizes and a little small. Here are a few other shots of the same spaces that are just a little larger and easier to see. Take in all the gorgeous detail, folks. 

So beautiful, right? I could live here. 

Another little space that was featured in the magazine and caught my eye was the closet of Megan Hess, a Melbourne-based fashion illustrator. It's a perfectly pretty closet. 

So, all that to say, go and read the magazine! You'll be glad you did, and then have a wondrous start to your week. Hugs.


Friday, March 29, 2013

Getting Crafty & Wishing You a Happy Easter

We got some crafting done this morning and succeeded in making a fine mess. (That means we had fun.) I'm not one of those moms who's always doing crafts with their kids, but I manage to do a little bit here and there. Special occasions and holidays (like Easter) are perfect times to try and do something. The kids did an easy Easter craft and had fun with the finger paints.

The Q-tip painting was supposed to help the kids develop fine motor skills as they fill in each little dot with paint. My kids figured it was more fun to smear the paint here and there. Nice try, Mom! 

We've been enjoying a quiet day, and it sure is nice having daddy home. We'll be celebrating with family tonight and tomorrow. I'm sure we'll enjoy lots of yummy food and chocolate and... more chocolate, and then it's church on Sunday morning. What are your plans?

Happy Easter from our home to yours!


Thursday, March 28, 2013

Styling a Square Coffee Table

We have a square coffee table. It needs help. It's a nice table with a rather hodge podge assortment of things on top. I'm on a mission to make it look a little better, and here's some inspiration to get me started. I was actually surprised by how many square coffee tables I found out there. I always thought it was more of an unusual or less common shape, but I found tons. Yay for being square - maybe it's cool after all! 

Simple yet Chic

Most stylist will tell you that things look best when grouped together in an odd number (for example, 3 objects usually look better together than 4). I noticed that several of the square tables had 4 objects or groups of objects though. I think it looks good that way because it seems to ground each of the corners of the table. Within each "group" there is often an odd number of things but not always. See what I mean?

An odd number of things/groups can look really great too. (I love these close ups.)

Just a little detail I noticed and something I'm taking notes on. Here are a few other ideas I'm catching on to based on the examples above. 

1. Add some height: Several of the tables featured a potted plant or a vase of fresh flowers, but height could be achieved in other ways too.

2. Vary the height of the objects: You need some that are tall and others that are long and low to the table.

3. Vary the shape of the objects: Use objects that are short and round and others that are tall and lean (or any other shape and size you can find).

4. Trays are good. Books are good too.
5. Quirk is fun (especially if it's animalia quirk). Did you notice the dogs and horses? Those are my kind of pets.

So, I hope that gives you some fresh ideas and inspiration. It's certainly helping me. I'm ready to tackle that boring (border-line ugly) table top now. 


Image Sources: Pinterest (2 images); Atmosphere Interior Design; Colleen McGill; Pinterest; Marlien Rentmeester's Home; Pinterest (2 images)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Glamour Two Ways (Bedroom Design Boards)

Hello, friends! Hugs all around. I was oohing and awing over these Mary MacDonald lamps the other day and longing to use them somewhere. Remember them? (They come in 7 different colours, but the black and white ones are favourites.)

Well, there may come a day when I actually have them in my home, but for now, I thought I'd put together a design board (or two) to show them off. I've also included Bungalow 5 side tables (their side tables rock my world). The result is two bedroom design boards with similar elements but the overall look is quite different between the two. I was going for a glamorous style but the one turned out more subtle or soft and the other bold, with lots of rich colour. 

Pillows at Tonic Living
Mary MacDonald Lamps at Shades of Light
Bungalow 5 Side Tables
Headboard at Serena and Lily
Mark Rug at Live Like You (Jill Sorensen)
MIrror at Live Like You
Art by Kim Johnston (available through Peridot

Artwork by Meredith Pardue
Pillow at Burke Decor
Throw at Black Rooster
Side Tables at Bungalow 5
Lamps at Shades of Light
Light Fixture, Vintage
Bennett Bed at Redford House
Rug at IKEA

Which do you prefer? I have to say, I think I would have trouble choosing a favourite! There are things I love about both.

Catch you later! 


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

All Aglow

Having a fireplace in my bathroom is a bit of a dream. I mean, how wonderful would that extra bit of luxury be! The warmth. The glow. The dancing flames. Yes, please. It's interesting to see how bathrooms have become full scale, spa-like retreats. There's definitely been a move to decorate and furnish them with luxury and comfort in mind. A lot of bathrooms feel more like cozy dens these days. I for one am loving this shift in design and function.

A fireplace in the closet could be nice too. No more shivering on those cold, winter mornings as you're trying to get dressed. I could handle that.

We got a few little things done around our place this weekend. Some wall hooks in the bathrooms went up. Ring pulls on the dressing table. And I finished that black and white painting, but I'll wait to show it to you once it's framed. 

I love how the wall hooks tie in with the shower curtain in the kid's bath (with that bit of lime green) and the rug in the ensuite. The ring pulls turned out great too! I like them better than the greek key o'verlay we had put on originally. The pulls elevate the look of this basic IKEA dressing table, turning it into something a little nicer. Score.

Thanks for stopping by! 


Images via Elle Decor and Pinterest

Friday, March 22, 2013

Buy Wallpaper. Keep Your Limbs.

Ha! How's that for a post title? It's true that wallpaper can be very pricey, especially if you're planning to paper a large room. Splurging on a high end wallpaper can look really beautiful though, so you may decide that it's worth it (and you may decide to use it in a powder room to cut down on cost). There are some good options out there if you decide against the splurge however. 

I've been pretty impressed with what I've found at places like Home Depot and Lowes. Here's a little round up for you with papers from Home Depot ranging in price from $35-$85/roll. These can all be ordered through Home Depot (Canada). If you're in the U.S. there are even more options available to you. These papers have that champagne look on a beer can budget! (Borrowed that from you, Barbara.) Thankfully, they won't cost you an arm and a leg. 

First up, some dark & moody options (my favourites). 

1. Black and Gold Metallic Marble Wallpaper by the Wallpaper Company $45/roll
2. Black and Tan Plaid by the Wallpaper Company $35/roll
3. Superfresco Easy Cinema Wallpaper $60/roll
4. Chocolate Bold Stripe by Kelly Hoppen $85/roll
5. Animal Print by The Wallpaper Company $35/roll

And a few on the "lighter" side. 

1. Tattoo by Kelly Hoppen $85/roll
2. Fabulous by Julien MacDonald $85/roll
3. Drama Traviata Beige $69/roll
4. Crowns & Coronets by Graham and Brown $70/roll
5. Leaf and Flower Trail by the Wallpaper Company $45/roll

Lowes also carries some nice paper, but I didn't do a round up. You can visit their site to have a look, but unfortunately, most of the really good options aren't available to us here in Canada. It's worth checking out if you're in the U.S. though.

Did you have a favourite? 

It's weekend time, y'all! Enjoy.


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Let's Talk Detail

This kitchen designed by James Michael Howard popped up in my pinterest feed today (thanks, Jacqueline Corea), and it got me thinking about details. There's a lot of detail going on here. Let's see, there's the range hood with that bit of trim along the front edge, the fretwork on the glass front cabinets, and then there's the island. Where do we begin with it?! To be honest, I find the island detail to be a little much. To my eye it looks too busy. Overall, it's a lovely kitchen though. 

I really like how the one corner of the kitchen was treated (left side in the picture below). What could have been an awkward nook is turned into a nice looking, well designed space. The open shelves (and the window of course) keep it from feeling cramped. Some great design decisions here. 

And one more angle. I love the symmetry that was created with the island and the glass front cabinets and hood range behind. The kitchen as a whole is not very symmetrical, but I love this central point that is. It really anchors the expansive space.

Good design is in the details. It's attention to detail that really makes all the difference.

And a little peek at some pillows I put together last night. Black and white pretties for A's bed. I decided against using the red, ruffle trim because I was afraid it would end up looking like Christmas with the dark green, velvet pillows behind. That's not the look I'm going for!


Here's the orangerie thrown in to give you an idea of what the finished arrangement will look like (the pillow still needs to be sewn). Going to be good! 

Thanks for stopping by!


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Just Stuff (And Some of it the Long Awaited Goodies from Black Rooster!)

The chinoiserie panels and greek key rug from Black Rooster finally arrived. Yay! So. In. Love. Certainly worth waiting for. The panels are gorgeous. I so badly want them in our room, but they would be perfect in A's room too. I think our room will win out in the end.

And the rug, which is equally stylish, is happy in its new home. Wait. I guess I would be the happy one! Can't wait to get some curtains up with a little greek key trim to tie in with the rug. It's slooowly coming together. 

I wish I could somehow spit all of the ideas out of my head and Wham! I would have a fully furnished, perfectly decorated home. Getting every little detail done takes time, and it's hard being patient when the budget is constantly staring you in the face. In time. 

O.k. Here's a pile of stuff I have my eye on and think about a little too often. 

Mary McDonald Lamps at Shades of Light. These rock my world. I so badly want to use them somewhere. The only questions is, which colour? There are 7 options to choose from. The size is perfect. The glamour. The classic silhouette. Le Sigh. Here it is in black and white, but there's also red, orange, navy, chocolate brown and light pink. 

I also came across this driftwood pendant at Shades of Light. I'm considering it for L's room. 

And this is an option for A's room, although I did have something more sparkly in mind originally. We shall see. I'm constantly wavering back and forth. 

Wall sconces like these would be perfect on either side of our dining room window. We don't have much wall space there, so we need something narrow. I could go for something along these lines. Shells or Wheat. Take your pick!

Recently I'm leaning towards a striped wallpaper in the powder room. Black and white would be nice, but I was thinking stripes in less contrasting colours. Perhaps black and taupe. 

And then imagine an over sized sconce like this one hung on the wall. Huge impact! I think it holds 11 candles.

So, those are a few things that are brewing in my brain, and most of them will get done eventually. For now it's fun to dream and plan. You're probably sick of hearing about my house by now. Thanks for bearing with me!