Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Well Made Bed (The Post that Blogger Ate)

I'll be honest and say that I don't often take much time or care in making the bed each morning. (And to be brutally honest, it doesn't even get made some days.) It's something I want to get better at though. A well made bed looks mighty fine, and since the bed is often the focal point of any bedroom, it's nice to have it looking just right. Here are some well dressed, perfectly tucked and fluffed beds. 

Images via Pinterest

And a few practical "how to" details on things like tucking in the sheet corners and arranging pillows. I need this. Yes, my parents taught me how to make my bed when I was just a wee child, but I find I need a refresher from time to time (or maybe I just need to stop being so lazy). At any rate...

For further reading, check out this article over at Style at Home, and this one at Southern Living. It seems unanimous that good quality linens are the best starting point, and ironing sheets is popular too! (I don't know if I'll go that hardcore.)

Are you a bed-making expert? Please lend me some of your talent. 


Sources: Art of Manliness (tucking sheet corners, 2 images); Marissa Waddell Interiors (Pillow Arrangements); House Beautiful (Pillows); Design Wotcha (Pillows)

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