Sunday, March 31, 2013

Adore "Adore Mag" (The Latest Issue)

The April/May issue of Adore Home Magazine is hot off the press, and it's good. Adore is an Australian-based online magazine, and it's always jam packed full of fun and colourful eye candy. The latest issue featured a home designed by Greg Natale (who I've blogged about before). He does amazing work and has such a signature style. This glamorous family home is filled with bright colour and bold patterns. It definitely has a tropical vibe without being too "themed." (Love that.) Have a look!

These images were all borrowed right from Adore magazine so some of them are kind of funny sizes and a little small. Here are a few other shots of the same spaces that are just a little larger and easier to see. Take in all the gorgeous detail, folks. 

So beautiful, right? I could live here. 

Another little space that was featured in the magazine and caught my eye was the closet of Megan Hess, a Melbourne-based fashion illustrator. It's a perfectly pretty closet. 

So, all that to say, go and read the magazine! You'll be glad you did, and then have a wondrous start to your week. Hugs.


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