Tuesday, March 26, 2013

All Aglow

Having a fireplace in my bathroom is a bit of a dream. I mean, how wonderful would that extra bit of luxury be! The warmth. The glow. The dancing flames. Yes, please. It's interesting to see how bathrooms have become full scale, spa-like retreats. There's definitely been a move to decorate and furnish them with luxury and comfort in mind. A lot of bathrooms feel more like cozy dens these days. I for one am loving this shift in design and function.

A fireplace in the closet could be nice too. No more shivering on those cold, winter mornings as you're trying to get dressed. I could handle that.

We got a few little things done around our place this weekend. Some wall hooks in the bathrooms went up. Ring pulls on the dressing table. And I finished that black and white painting, but I'll wait to show it to you once it's framed. 

I love how the wall hooks tie in with the shower curtain in the kid's bath (with that bit of lime green) and the rug in the ensuite. The ring pulls turned out great too! I like them better than the greek key o'verlay we had put on originally. The pulls elevate the look of this basic IKEA dressing table, turning it into something a little nicer. Score.

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Images via Elle Decor and Pinterest

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