Friday, March 8, 2013

Around the House

As promised, here's a look at a few things that have happened around my home over the past few weeks. I ended up taking poor iphone shots since the sun decided to stay in hiding yesterday afternoon when I was trying to take pictures. You'll get an idea of how things are looking though. 

My prints from both Sarah Jane and The Pink Pagoda arrived. I've got them framed and up on the walls.

Notice that mirrored side table in A's room? We picked it up at Urban Barn. I've had my eye on it, and it went on sale recently, so we scooped it up. The same was true of the Aurora chair from Urban Barn. It's actually being discontinued so it was quite a good sale. Right now it sets in front of the dressing table in our bedroom, and that's probably where it will stay. 

I really need to do something with the dressing table to pretty it up. It's currently a catch all for an assortment of things. I'll spare you the details, but it may or may not involve my husband's dirty socks from time to time. Something along these lines would be nice (in time). From boring to glamourama!


Chair at Urban Barn
Malm Dressing Table at IKEA
Pagoda Mirror at Shop 219
Leigh Viner Art
Faceted Lamp at Land of Nod  

Since I won't have an official office space until our basement is finished, I'm toying with the idea of making this an office space as well. Double duty dressing table. We'll see how that pans out. 

Also, I'm not loving the greek key o'verlay I put on the front of the table. (Thankfully it's still only taped on.) It's too busy... or something. I'm wondering what one or two of these decorative plates would look like instead (included in the collage above). They're from Lee Valley and cheap! 

The foo dogs are changing colour.

Now I need to find lamp shades. A black pagoda shade that flares out slightly would be perfect.  (Fingers Crossed.)

And I got myself a 3x3 canvas that I hope to paint for our mudroom. I want it to be black and white with a brushstroke effect. Like these. 

via pinterest

I hope to get started tonight and that makes me both nervous and excited. This novice painter needs all the help she can get! I'll let you know how it goes, even if it goes badly (wouldn't be the first time). 

Happy Weekend, friends! 



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