Friday, March 29, 2013

Getting Crafty & Wishing You a Happy Easter

We got some crafting done this morning and succeeded in making a fine mess. (That means we had fun.) I'm not one of those moms who's always doing crafts with their kids, but I manage to do a little bit here and there. Special occasions and holidays (like Easter) are perfect times to try and do something. The kids did an easy Easter craft and had fun with the finger paints.

The Q-tip painting was supposed to help the kids develop fine motor skills as they fill in each little dot with paint. My kids figured it was more fun to smear the paint here and there. Nice try, Mom! 

We've been enjoying a quiet day, and it sure is nice having daddy home. We'll be celebrating with family tonight and tomorrow. I'm sure we'll enjoy lots of yummy food and chocolate and... more chocolate, and then it's church on Sunday morning. What are your plans?

Happy Easter from our home to yours!



  1. My kids did the same thing with those Q-tip paintings! It was like they didn't even notice the circles.

    Happy Easter to you all! The Ontario easter bunny gave us a sunny 12 degree day today! Too bad we can't bring it home with us.

    1. Great minds think alike?? Happy Easter! Glad to hear you're having a good (and warm) time. XO


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