Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Glamour Two Ways (Bedroom Design Boards)

Hello, friends! Hugs all around. I was oohing and awing over these Mary MacDonald lamps the other day and longing to use them somewhere. Remember them? (They come in 7 different colours, but the black and white ones are favourites.)

Well, there may come a day when I actually have them in my home, but for now, I thought I'd put together a design board (or two) to show them off. I've also included Bungalow 5 side tables (their side tables rock my world). The result is two bedroom design boards with similar elements but the overall look is quite different between the two. I was going for a glamorous style but the one turned out more subtle or soft and the other bold, with lots of rich colour. 

Pillows at Tonic Living
Mary MacDonald Lamps at Shades of Light
Bungalow 5 Side Tables
Headboard at Serena and Lily
Mark Rug at Live Like You (Jill Sorensen)
MIrror at Live Like You
Art by Kim Johnston (available through Peridot

Artwork by Meredith Pardue
Pillow at Burke Decor
Throw at Black Rooster
Side Tables at Bungalow 5
Lamps at Shades of Light
Light Fixture, Vintage
Bennett Bed at Redford House
Rug at IKEA

Which do you prefer? I have to say, I think I would have trouble choosing a favourite! There are things I love about both.

Catch you later! 



  1. Both are fabulous, it would be hard to choose, but the light on the Bold board is totally amazing!

  2. They are both beautiful - you design such great moodboards. Number 1 for me but only because I like my bedrooms on the light, serene side. Number 2 makes me think about changing though!

  3. That black lamp fabulous! I wish I see this first before I buy a lamp last week. This one is more beautiful than the lamp that I bought.

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