Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Just Stuff (And Some of it the Long Awaited Goodies from Black Rooster!)

The chinoiserie panels and greek key rug from Black Rooster finally arrived. Yay! So. In. Love. Certainly worth waiting for. The panels are gorgeous. I so badly want them in our room, but they would be perfect in A's room too. I think our room will win out in the end.

And the rug, which is equally stylish, is happy in its new home. Wait. I guess I would be the happy one! Can't wait to get some curtains up with a little greek key trim to tie in with the rug. It's slooowly coming together. 

I wish I could somehow spit all of the ideas out of my head and Wham! I would have a fully furnished, perfectly decorated home. Getting every little detail done takes time, and it's hard being patient when the budget is constantly staring you in the face. In time. 

O.k. Here's a pile of stuff I have my eye on and think about a little too often. 

Mary McDonald Lamps at Shades of Light. These rock my world. I so badly want to use them somewhere. The only questions is, which colour? There are 7 options to choose from. The size is perfect. The glamour. The classic silhouette. Le Sigh. Here it is in black and white, but there's also red, orange, navy, chocolate brown and light pink. 

I also came across this driftwood pendant at Shades of Light. I'm considering it for L's room. 

And this is an option for A's room, although I did have something more sparkly in mind originally. We shall see. I'm constantly wavering back and forth. 

Wall sconces like these would be perfect on either side of our dining room window. We don't have much wall space there, so we need something narrow. I could go for something along these lines. Shells or Wheat. Take your pick!

Recently I'm leaning towards a striped wallpaper in the powder room. Black and white would be nice, but I was thinking stripes in less contrasting colours. Perhaps black and taupe. 

And then imagine an over sized sconce like this one hung on the wall. Huge impact! I think it holds 11 candles.

So, those are a few things that are brewing in my brain, and most of them will get done eventually. For now it's fun to dream and plan. You're probably sick of hearing about my house by now. Thanks for bearing with me! 




  1. Hi Sarah,
    Have you seen those driftwood pieces at Homesense? You could always turn one into the light fixture for L's room. Just something to consider.


    1. That's a great idea, Dee! Thanks for mentioning it. Is that the homesense in Saskatoon? I haven't seen them, but I could go and take a look.

  2. I am very fond of the black and white colour scheme for a powder room- that's what I currently have! it's simple chic, and is always in style, you can't go wrong. Those wheat sconces for the dining room amazing & the ceiling fixture for A's room is so sweet. I hope you are keeping well. Oh and My vote is for the ring pulls on the dressing table.


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