Thursday, March 21, 2013

Let's Talk Detail

This kitchen designed by James Michael Howard popped up in my pinterest feed today (thanks, Jacqueline Corea), and it got me thinking about details. There's a lot of detail going on here. Let's see, there's the range hood with that bit of trim along the front edge, the fretwork on the glass front cabinets, and then there's the island. Where do we begin with it?! To be honest, I find the island detail to be a little much. To my eye it looks too busy. Overall, it's a lovely kitchen though. 

I really like how the one corner of the kitchen was treated (left side in the picture below). What could have been an awkward nook is turned into a nice looking, well designed space. The open shelves (and the window of course) keep it from feeling cramped. Some great design decisions here. 

And one more angle. I love the symmetry that was created with the island and the glass front cabinets and hood range behind. The kitchen as a whole is not very symmetrical, but I love this central point that is. It really anchors the expansive space.

Good design is in the details. It's attention to detail that really makes all the difference.

And a little peek at some pillows I put together last night. Black and white pretties for A's bed. I decided against using the red, ruffle trim because I was afraid it would end up looking like Christmas with the dark green, velvet pillows behind. That's not the look I'm going for!


Here's the orangerie thrown in to give you an idea of what the finished arrangement will look like (the pillow still needs to be sewn). Going to be good! 

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